System Center 2012 Operations Manager Unleashed–Publication Update

The title of this posting pretty much says it all – many of you have been asking “where is the book?” We just received information from our publisher that the book is planned to be available by the end of February 2013. This means the date on Amazon ( of February 28, 2013 is actually accurate; although it is possible you could see the book several days earlier than that, depending on the date it goes to the printer and then how long it takes Amazon to get delivery of the content.

Why another three months?

  • We include information on System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1, which is currently in beta. The information in the book will be accurate as of the beta version of the service pack.
  • The book is now in what is known as the “production cycle” (yes, boring information here), meaning that it is going through final edits, composition, and layout. With 24 chapters and 5 appendices, that takes a little while. Here is the current chapter list (titles could still be “tweaked”):
  1. Operations Management Basics
  2. What’s New

  3. Looking Inside OpsMgr

  4. Planning Your Operations Manager Deployment

  5. Installing System Center 2012 Operations Manager

  6. Migrating to System Center 2012 Operations Manager

  7. Configuring and Using System Center 2012 Operations Manager

  8. Installing and Configuring Agents

  9. Complex Configurations

  10. Security and Compliance

  11. Dashboards, Trending, and Forecasting
  12. Backup and Recovery
  13. Administering Management Packs
  14. Monitoring with System Center 2012 Operations Manager
  15. Monitoring .NET Applications
  16. Network Monitoring
  17. Using Synthetic Transactions
  18. Distributed Applications
  19. Client Monitoring
  20. Interoperability and Cross Platform
  21. System Center Integration
  22. Authoring Management Packs and Reports
  23. PowerShell and Operations Manager
  24. Operations Manager for the Service Provider


    1. OpsMgr by Example

    2. Performance Counters

    3. Registry Settings

    4. Reference URLs

    5. Available Online (content from the book available for download)

Early work on this book began during the System Center 2012 release candidate cycle, realizing that much of the detail we wanted to include would not be available until the product was released. With Microsoft’s quick follow-up of Service Pack 1 to incorporate support for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 and other updates, it made sense to incorporate that information in the book rather than having the content out of date shortly after the book was published.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and think you will find the wait worth it. Writing a book is a huge task, particularly when its projected to be about 1300 pages in length. We took into consideration comments on System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed to reduce “fluff” and bring you in-depth content.

– Kerrie, Cameron, and John

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