Free OpsMgr 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Dashboards from the OpsMgr Unleashed team (#SCOM)

The System Center Operations Manager Unleashed team is offering a free pack of dashboards designed to provide information for System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager hosts and guests. Here are the dashboards included in the management pack, discussed in Chapter 11 of the upcoming System Center 2012 Operations Manager Unleashed:


  • VMM Guest Health (guest state, guest alerts and details pane)


  • VMM Guest Resources (count of processors, memory and disk size for VMM guests)


  • VMM Host Performance (VMM host processor, memory, disk and network)


  • VMM Hosts and Guests (VMM Host state, alerts and performance, VMM guest state, alerts and resources)
  • VMM Performance (Non-dashboard view – standard performance view for hosts)


  • VMM Server Service Level Objective (Service Level Dashboards for the VMM server’s availability)


  • VMM Summary Dashboard (VMM Host processor top values, available memory, state)

You can download this management pack from

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16 Responses to Free OpsMgr 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Dashboards from the OpsMgr Unleashed team (#SCOM)

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  3. derflip says:

    import problems:

    the file I downloaded from system center central is named Virtual_Machine_Manager_Dashboards.xml
    you have to rename it to Virtual.Machine.Manager.Dashboards.xml to be able to import it.
    the MP ID in the XML is Virtual.Machine.Manager.Dashboards and OpsMgr refuses to import the file unless you rename it.

    hope this helps others

    • This took a bit of research, as it turns out the management pack was uploaded as Virtual.Machine.Manager.Dashboards.xml but renamed on the System Center Central side. It is now encapsulated (with the correct name) in a zip file at the SCC link. The zip file has underscores in the name because that’s apparently what System Center Central will do, but the xml file within the zip file is named correctly.

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  4. Sayed says:

    could you also have management for SCOM 2007 R2, if yes, please provide me as I’m planning to prepare a similar Hyper-V dashboard

  5. SC_Newbie says:

    i just imported the MP but in the conscole the view says the dashboard have been deleted

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  7. Gaspar says:

    I get an error when importing this MP that Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.Library & Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.2012.Discovery are missing. Where can I get these? I have searched everywhere and can’t find these. Help is appreciated.

    • The VMM dashboard management pack will not import unless the VMM management packs are previously installed in the management group. Unlike other management packs, these are pushed from the Virtual Machine Manager environment by configuring integration from VMM into Operations Manager.
      When these are successfully integrated from VMM, the underlying VMM management packs are authomatically imported; these should be the missing management packs you referenced.

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  9. Tauseef Ahmed says:

    Some of the views are not showing the information. for example, CPU counts, memory and disk information.
    Please suggest the solution.

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