About that email from Amazon regarding OpsMgr 2012 Unleashed

Those of you who preordered System Center Operations Center 2012 Unleashed may have recently received an email from Amazon saying that the release date has changed to November 14-16, 2012. Here’s some background:

  • The previous July date was a suggested date by Amazon. It is not based on a date we provided to the publisher or that the publisher gave to Amazon.
  • System Center 2012 was not released to manufacturing (RTM’ed) until April 2012. There were a number of significant changes between RC and RTM, and the book lab was rebuilt from scratch to incorporate the RTM release. This also meant any and all text and screenshots taken during RC had to be reevaluated for its appropriateness in the RTM release. Any book that did not start authoring in April 2012 (or examine all content produced prior to that) will be based on some RC features and code.
  • The book is currently under development, with three authors and seven contributors. Over 450 pages of content have been written, and we’re not through yet!
  • We expect the book to release before the end of this year but do not have specific dates at this point.
  • We are committed to providing the best book available on OpsMgr 2012 and have gone back to add content to chapters where we felt additional depth would be appropriate.
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8 Responses to About that email from Amazon regarding OpsMgr 2012 Unleashed

  1. Ernie says:

    I am happy to wait, I purchased your last two books on SCOM and they were both excellent (second to none).

  2. Thanks for the words of support! 🙂

  3. Len says:

    I agree — make it right… I will buy both the eBook and paper versions and appreciate the extra effort

  4. Ken says:

    If it’s anything like the previous 2007 R2 Unleashed book it’ll be worth the wait.

  5. Gerald Versluis says:

    Just wondering (and anxious to get the book 🙂 )… can you say something a bit more definitive about the release date? It’s been a while since this post was written, hence my question.

    • Hi Gerald,
      Given that System Center 2012 Service Pack went into beta last month, we made the decision to incorporate information about the new functionality in SP1 in the book. This required going back through all chapters already written to update them. We thought this would make the book more meaningful!

      With that said, the chapters are about 90% complete and we are entering the production cycle. I do not have an estimated date from the publisher yet for availability, but hope to have that shortly.

      The SP1 information will not be as of release of the service pack, as that is not projected until sometime next year I believe. The information will cover the capabilities of SP1 as of the public beta release.

      Appreciate your interest and your patience!

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