MMS 2011 Keynote 3/23: Summary for Geeks

The second keynote of MMS 2011 was starting to look kinda “cloudy” again but the focus shifted to mobile devices – the “Now Generation” – and the Consumerization of IT. Specific detailed points from the keynote include the following items:


  • ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 2 announced as available today (feature complete).
  • Forefront Enterprise Protection moved from enterprise CAL to core CAL.
  • Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring – adding to MDOP (MBAM in MDOP…) currently available in Beta, releasing this year – further integration into Configuration Manager is planned.
    • Windows Intune general available announced today. From Brad Anderson: “It’s going to take some time to get up to parity with Configuration Manager”
  • Manage & Secure PCs anywhere
  • Get the best windows experience

Other items of note:

  • Managing Mobile Devices with ConfigMgr 2012: Using a connector working through Exchange Active Sync can now manage including Windows Phone 7, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Symbian.
  • Demo: ConfigMgr 2012 which included wiping the data from a phone which was lost.
  • Video: Showed VDI running through a PC where the user had been playing a movie. They logged into their VDI and had their application streamed to their VDI to run the application they needed (Visio 2010).
  • Demo: Dynamic memory and it’s impacts on memory in a VDI environment using Xen Desktop.
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