OpsMgr R2 by Example: the Print Server MP

The Windows Print Server management pack is available as a single download that contains different libraries to monitor Windows Print services on Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

How to Install the Windows Print Server MP

  1. Download the Windows Print Server management pack from the Management Pack Catalog (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/opsmgr/cc539535.aspx). The Windows Print Server Management Pack Guide is included in the download and labeled “OM2007_MP_PrintSvr.doc.”
  2. Read the Management Pack guide to gather additional information such as that the current version only supports monitoring clustered instances of the Print Server role on Windows Server 2008.
  3. Import the Print Server Management Pack (using either the Operations console or PowerShell) after importing the Windows Server management pack.
  4. Create a PrintServer_Overrides management pack to contain any overrides required for the MP.

The Windows Print Server MP supports agentless monitoring with the exception of tasks.

Windows Print Server MP Tuning / Alerts to look for

The following alerts were encountered and resolved while tuning the various print server management packs (these are listed in alphabetical order by Alert name):

Alert: Document failed to print

Issue: Document failed to print, categorized as a critical alert.

Resolution: This should not be a critical alert. Downgraded to a warning level alert through an override in the PrintServer_Overrides management pack.

Alert: Printer: Publish Error

Issue: The print server had a single DNS server defined for its location and the DNS server was down.

Resolution: The DNS server was brought back online and a second DNS server was configured for the system that had reported this error. Manually closed the alert.

Alert: Shared Printer Availability Alert

Issue: An error was generated for each of the shared printers on the server. These were generated by the Shared Printer: Restart the print spooler fix sharing problems and check Group Policy alert.

Resolution: This is an alert not a monitor so it does not automatically resolve itself. There does not appear to be an equivalent number for the same source in the event logs which indicates that the print spool is back online (which may be why this is an alert rather than a monitor).

Per the knowledgebase, restarted the spooler service on the server with the issues when this was caused by a situation that was not a reboot.

This also occurred when the print server was rebooted. Verified the ability to print to the printer specified after the reboot completed.

Print Server Management Pack Evolution

While the Windows Server 2008 version of this management pack functions well, the earlier versions of this management pack do not work well on a clustered server (either Windows 2000 or 2003). There are also issues with the approach to discovery on Windows 2000/2003 servers so that many servers are identified as being print servers that may not actually be print servers. The evolution of this set of management packs would be to bring the same functionality now available in the Windows Server 2008 management pack to the Windows 2000 and 2003 versions.

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