Using Watcher Nodes with Synthetic Transactions

We’ve been asked by several (see!3D3B8489FCAA9B51!858.entry) about how to use watcher nodes to run synthetic transactions created withVBScript. Here’s an approach:

  1. Create a group, add the watcher node(s) to the group and target the monitor to the group. Note that if you need to add this to a distributed application, it is best to create a custom class in the Authoring console.
  2. Next, configure your script to run on the watcher node and as for the script/monitor, you most likely will need to use a probe rule to run the script.

If you are using a monitor, the script would also have to do something like log to the event log – with a monitor configured to look for these events for its state change.

This can entail a bit of work up front, but a lot of the stuff such as the class object could be reused.

As far as using the Perspective class (asked by some) – that’s probably not a good approach. It isn’t really possible to make a web request appear as a member of the Perspective class; when you create a web transaction using the wizard, it goes off and creates a ton of rules/monitors and classes in the background which would be difficult if not impossible to reproduce outside of the wizard.

Hope this helps!

Please note that these are perspectives of the coauthors and contributors of System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed.

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