Gartner Reports on OpsMgr 2007 Progress

Dave Berkowitz gives us a link to a Gartner report on Operations Manager 2007 released earlier this month. You can view the report at

Dave’s article is posted on the System Center Team blog at We like that he uses the word ‘unleashed’ in his text! We include his article below as well (emphasis ours):

Hello All.

It wasn’t so long ago (March 2007) that Microsoft unleashed System Center Operations Manager 2007 as a successor to Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, and it’s only been a few months (April 2008) since we followed up with a pretty major announcement of a cross-platform strategy for the product.

Now, Gartner analyst David Williams has published an in-depth look at OpsMgr, evaluating its enhancements against customer requirements, describing how the product is getting traction in the market and making some predictions about future adoption.

Unfortunately, I am restricted, as the analyst relations manager for the System Center business, from telling you exactly what’s in the report. But I can tell you it is a good read, provides a nice update on what customers have been doing with OpsMgr 2007 and, while we may not agree with all of the conclusions, it does have some interesting thoughts for customers looking at next steps for monitoring or event correlation and analysis (ECA) products.

Go read the report at:

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