Latest and Greatest MPViewer (Version 1.7)

Last week, Boris Yanushpolsky released MPViewer 1.6, which added exporting to Excel functionality. However, a programming bug caused the MPViewer to not be able to view the Exchange 2007 (also known as Exchange 12) MP in HTML (, a feature Boris added last October.

Boris has corrected the issue and added some additional new features while he was at it – including frequency for performance viewers and breaking out monitors by type. You can get version 1.7 at

The MPViewer, a free utility (and not officially supported by Microsoft) displays what’s in a management pack before importing it. Boris posted the earliest versions of the MPViewer in October 1007 (, and has been making numerous enhancements to it.

You can download Version 1.7 from

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One Response to Latest and Greatest MPViewer (Version 1.7)

  1. These days I maintain updated versions of this tool here and made quite a few fixes and enhancements over the original version from Boris.

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