Book Availability – System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed

The official publication date for the OpsMgr 2007 Unleashed book was February 29, 2008. Yet that date came and went, without a book. What happened?

You could say a funny thing happened at the printer, which is actually correct. A little information about how this whole process works, but not too much since we don’t want to bore you.

We finished writing the content (including having it tech reviewed) in early November 2007. After the authoring process is complete, the material goes to the publisher where it is copy-edited, then goes through page layout and proofreading (plus some other activities). That schedule ran right into the middle of the Christmas holidays, which slowed things down a bit. In mid January, we went into the proofreading cycle; everything was complete and the book was sent out for printing in early February.

Due to a ton of preorders, the publisher decided to increase the number of copies for the first printing. In addition, the book was "just a bit" longer than originally anticipated … so we had a delay at the printer. The in-stock date, which is when the book is available at the publisher’s warehouse, was moved to March 12th, giving us a 2-week delay. (Once its at the publisher, its a matter of bookstores and places like Amazon getting their orders fulfilled.)

Of course, the book is now available, and we are regularly getting emails from people who have received their copies. In fact, we heard from someone in the Netherlands this morning that his copy ordered from Amazon had arrived – so delivery to Europe is happening. Yeah!

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One Response to Book Availability – System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed

  1. Will Kaiser says:

    Great work guys.  I\’ll be ordering my copy shortly.

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