OpsMgr Visio Stencils

Microsoft developed several sets of Visio stencils for OpsMgr that we use throughout System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed. These have been posted on System Center Forum, at http://www.it-jedi.net/downloads/scomstencils.zip (new link attached on 2/9/09 as the previous link was no longer functional).

March 2011 update: The it-jeti.net link no longer works. The stencils have been relocated to http://www.systemcentercentral.com/Downloads/DownloadsDetails/tabid/144/IndexID/7556/Default.aspx. Note that only registered users may download. Registration is free!

There is also an additional set of stencils that we developed for the book, available with the companion CD distributed with the book.

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4 Responses to OpsMgr Visio Stencils

  1. Jason says:

    The link on the page is dead. Does anyone have these stencils? Why doesn\’t Microsoft make them available for download?

  2. Operations says:

    The link has been updated – thanks for bringing it to our attention!P.S. We developed these stencils, not Microsoft – which is why Microsoft does not make them available for download 🙂

  3. Ivan says:

    The link is dead again. Can anyone provide this stencil again?

    Thanks, Ivan

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