Authoring Management Packs

Will Kaiser left a message that he was looking for authoring resources. He said:

I’ve designed and implemented 3 different OpsMgr environments and will soon be starting my 4th.  I’m looking to dig further into custom authoring via the authoring tab in the console, and have found very little information aside from a few very basic log files and vbscript examples.  Do you cover this in your book?  Do you know any other good resources that are out there?

(This was after he told us he’s been following our blog since October and it has proven to be invaluable. Comments like that make the work of maintaining a blog worthwhile!)

Regarding the "authoring tab", Microsoft is developing an Authoring console, which we do discuss in our forthcoming book. The Authoring console is currently at release candidate status, and it will require OpsMgr 2007 Service Pack 1. Whether or not the two will be released concurrently is a question for Microsoft, but the console certainly won’t be available before then.

Even with the Authoring console, some things will still need to be done with XML, but the new console reduces those considerably. We document these in the book in Chapter 23.

Meanwhile, you can download the RC version from Microsoft’s connect website, if you want to start working with it.  See!3D3B8489FCAA9B51!288 for information on getting the console. The Authoring console has come a LONG way from its early beta versions!

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