Viewing Management Pack Content

We were asked: "When you create overrides in a custom management pack, how could you view the content in that management pack? … When I create an override I do not see the configuration in the console, only in the XML file when imported. If there are a lot of overrides, the xml file would be difficult to read …"

Boris Yanushpolsky of the MOM Team has come to the rescue with several utilities he wrote.

  1. The MPViewer is a utility that displays rules, monitors, views, tasks, console tasks, and reports. It also shows you the knowledge associated with the particular management pack item. See for the script to dump the contents, and for the viewer itself.
  2. Boris also wrote the Override Explorer. This utility provides two views, type-based and computer-based. The type-based view shows types for rues/monitors/discoveries for which overrides were created. The computer-based view is basically a resultant set of overrides that apply to a computer. It also allows you to drill in and see what overrides are applied to various components such as the OS, databases, and websites. See for more information and to download the Override Explorer zip file. 

 Boris develops some great utilities (offered "as-is"), keep an eye on his blog at

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