OpsMgr integration with a new System Center product: Virtual Machine Manager

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) beta 2 is now available. This is a new product, and offers opportunities for integration with OpsMgr.

What’s new:

  • VMM is a “master” VM host manager that looks at all the VM hosts and VM guests in the enterprise.
  • You use VMM to add new VM hosts and provision new VM guests across the enterprise.
  • It can manage computers in the same domain, a trusted domain, and in a perimeter domain.
  • It has a new Convert physical server wizard. Also a Clone Server task.
  • VMM introduces the disk library concept, to create server disk image templates.
  • There is also a new Microsoft Virtualization management pack for Operations Manager 2007. This brings VMM management into the OM console.
  • See the OM 07 Operations Console in the screen shot below with the integrated VMM status and inline tasks.

Comment: With the OM 07 VMM web console views available to partners/customers using Microsoft Virtual Server, this can be a really nice MSP (Managed Service Provider) solution for managed Microsoft VM’s.

Thanks to our co-author John Joyner for researching and providing this screen shot!

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