OpsMgr 2007 Agent Deployment Footprint


We decided to test the impact of an installed agent on a managed machine. The following are results from tests performed to determine the impacts on the processor, network, disk, and memory on a client system monitoried by Operations Manager 2007.
Our test environment ran on two different virtual servers running on two different guest operating systems (details regarding the test environment are at the end of this blog entry).
Please note that these tests were performed on low-end server configurations so that the maximum impact on the systems should be able to drawn from this, e.g. a worst-case scenario. Higher-grade systems should be less impacted than these particular systems were.
The installation ran on the two systems for between 3 and 3 1/2 minutes. We stopped gathering statistics when the agent listed as successfully deployed from the Management Server. During installation we noted the following ranges of impacts on the system:
Processor:   29-37% increase during installation
Disk:            18-19 additional pages per second
Disk:            154 MB data (%programfiles%\System Center Operations Manager 2007)
Network:      11 MB data sent to the system during installation
Memory:      22 MB less available memory
After the installation was complete, the performance counters gather prior to the installation were compared to those gathered after installation. The results indicate what should be the worst-case impact of the agent on the system. 
Processor:   3-4%
Disk:             0.5 additonal pages per second
Disk:            156 MB data (%programfiles%\System Center Operations Manager 2007)
Network:      .5-.6 MB/min additional traffic
Memory:      11 MB less available memory

Testing environment specifications:

To test the impacts of both the deployment itself and the agent functionality after installing the agent, we took a total of three sets of performance counters (from perfmon and netmon). One was prior to installation to provide the baseline, one during installaton and the last after installation was complete.
Host Operating System #1 running on a dual processor 1ghz system with 2GB memory. Host OS running only Virtual Server 2005 R2.
Guest Opeating System #1 running within Virtual Server 2005 R2 with 1GB memory.
Host Operating System #2 running on a single processor 1.5ghz system with 2GB memory. Host operating system running only Virtual PC 2007.
Guest Operating System #2 running within Virtual PC 2007 with 1GB memory.
Both guest OS running Windows Server 2003 without either a domain controller or Exchange installed on the system.
The Operations Manager 2007 environment is running on a Root Management Server separate from the Operations Database Server, and has all currently available management packs loaded.
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  2. Hussein says:

    thanksi want to ask you:i have some problem with SCOmagent installed on HUB-serverbut SCOM cant gather reports fro that serveris there a specific ports need to be opned? also do u know abnything about the "email sent to HUB,about reports,,created by SCOm)thankscan u plz email me @hussein___k@hotmail.comRegards

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