Fixing a failed OpsMgr 2007 Reporting installation

Here’s some more fun regarding OpsMgr 2007 reporting.
During a recent installation we forgot to do a double-check that the reporting piece of SQL Server 2005 was installed prior to installing the Operations Manager components. Unfortunately this was compounded (we were in a hurry to finish installation!) without verifying that we could browse to http://localhost/Reports.
After installing the reporting components, we opened the Operations console and received an error about getting to the reports. Trying to debug, we could not access http:localhost/Reports on the SQL Reporting Server – it showed "Service Unavailable." Same error with localhost/ReportServer.
Digging deeper, it was determined that the application pool was crashing and would stop, and then the Service Unavailable condition occured. A variety of ways were tried to get it online – including IISReset, ResetSRS, and even changing the application pool to run as a Network Service. Nothing worked. The following steps may be overkill, but this is what we did to get Reporting functional:
  • Uninstalled the Operations Manager 2007 Reporting components including the Data Warehouse
  • Ran ResetSRS on the system (on the installation media in the \supporttools folder, used the data warehouse reader account)
  • Took the OperationsManagerDW database offline in SQL Management Studio
  • Deleted the OperationsManagerDW mdf and ldf files from the file system
  • In IIS, changed the application pool to run as Network Service
  • Validated the ability to successfully browse to both localhost/Reports and localhost/ReportServer
  • Re-installed the Operations Manager 2007 Reporting components including the Data Warehouse
  • Re-validated abiilty to browse successfully to localhost/Reports and localhost/ReportServer
  • The installation of the OpsMgr reporting components was complete, but there were no reports listed under the reporting piece. However, the reporting tab was now available in the Operations console
  • Rebooted the RMS server and left the system running over-night
  • The next morning the reports were available from the Operations Console.
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2 Responses to Fixing a failed OpsMgr 2007 Reporting installation

  1. Jim says:

    Any idea on how to "force" the rebuilding of the reports after a rebuild?

  2. Bill says:

    Reports are not really deployed when MP is imported. It happens through a special workflow which does the following:
    1)     Get a list of MPs where reports are deployed on SRS already;
    2)     Get a list of MPs where some reports defined;
    3)     Get list of MPs where all DW components (scripts, datasets) already deployed;
    4)     Correlate results of steps 1) through 3) and come up with “action” – deploy MP reports or delete MP reports;
    5)     Execute action
    This process is running continuously and if it runs into an error it reports it. The trick is that I do not report an error anymore after the first time it happened or it recovers.  So, in order to get list of errors “refreshed” in the Event Log you’d need to restart Health Service on the Root Management Server and then (after 3-5 minutes) examine the log.

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