Operations Manager 2007 – what’s in a name?

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the name of Microsoft’s most recent version of operations mangement software has changed: to System Center Operations Manager (2007). Versions 2000 and 2005 were known as Microsoft Operations Manager, or MOM. Version 2007 has a System Center branding.
The reason behind the branding is to visibly align Operations Manager with the System Center umbrella of products. This is not to say you have to always call it System Center Operations Manager – that’s a lot to say. Think of the Excel product, which is part of the Microsoft Office umbrella. Excel typically is not called Microsoft Office Excel 2007; it is just Excel, or perhaps Excel 2007.
So feel free to call the newest version of operations management software Operations Manager, or OpsMgr for short. What Microsoft does not want you to call it are other acronyms such as MOM 2007, SCOM (we didn’t say that!) or OM (we didn’t say that either!).
Of course, the name changing is just the tip of the iceberg. Operations Manager’s focus in monitoring has also changed – from monitoring events in indivdual servers to monitoring all aspects of an application’s health. OpsMgr 2007 also uses model-based management, where an IT environment is used as a model. Models are defined and represented in XML. If this doesn’t sound like your mom’s Operations Manager (yes that is supposed to be a pun!), you’re right – Operations Manager 2007 is vastly different from its predecessors. So if you’re a MOM 2005 administrator starting to learn about OpsMgr, don’t let the technical knowledge you accumulated about MOM get in the way of your understanding Operations Manager 2007! Try to be a sponge and just soak it all in.
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