Removing a MOM 2005 Management Pack

Have you ever installed a management pack and then decided you wanted to remove it?
Removal of management packs is a more complicated process than adding them; there is no completely clean process to remove a management pack, although we believe it will be available with Operations Manager 2007. The following steps remove most of a management pack:
  1. Mark all the rule groups as disabled and wait one week. The "one week" time period is because a rule group can’t be deleted until MOm has groomed out any live data. If you have a four-day retention period before grooming, you would wait 4 days.
  2. Delete the rule groups(s).
  3. Delete the computer group(s).
  4. You can delete any scripts that were used as part of the management pack – but be careful! Verify that the scripts are not used by any other rules.

Microsoft did have a knowledge base article discussing several methods to uninstalled management packs, but it has been pulled. In case it comes back, the link is

Perhaps the easiest way to keep a management pack from functioning is through disabling the computer groups it uses (if they are not used elsewhere) or disabling its rule groups. Making a management pack non-functional is less work and a less risky process than actually deleting it.


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