Converting MOM 2005 MPs for OpsMgr 2007 (contributed by John Joyner)

We are beginning to ramp up work for our next book, System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed, and are adding a co-author, John Joyner. John was experimenting with the process to bring a MOM 2005 MP into the OpsMgr 2007 environment, and here is his story. If you’re not already aware, there is a huge change in how MPs work between the two versions of Operations Manager; 2005 MPs cannot be imported directly into 2007, although there is a conversion process. As 2007 MPs are now model-based, the converted 2005 MP may or may not work as well in 2007 as it did in 2005.
The current beta of Forefront Client Security (FCS) uses MOM 2005 for alerting and reporting. (FCS combines the current anti-malware of Windows Defender with a new Microsoft anti-virus engine.) We wanted to see if we could get some monitoring functionality of the FCS client using OpsMgr 2007. This was a great chance to test the converting and importing of a native MOM 2005 management Pack into OpsMgr 2007. Here’s how it was done and the effect:
  1. Installed FCS on its own server; this installs a MOM 2005 instance that is tuned and dedicated to managing FCS alerts.
  2. Deployed the FCS Client on five target servers in an OpsMgr 2007 management group using the /NOMOM switch to not install the MOM 2005 agent component along with the FCS client.
  3. Located the FCS managemnet pack (in the MOM 2005 binary AKM format) on the FCS server.
  4. Copied the MP2XMP.exe "Convert Management Packs to XML" utility from the MOM 2005 SP1 Resource Kit to the FCS server.
  5. Ran the MP2XML utility and created a MOM 2005 XML-formatted management pack (i.e. MOM 2005 AKM format to MOM 2005 XML format).
  6. Copied the newly created MOM 2005 XML management pack to the OpsMgr 2007 management server.
  7. Ran the MPConvert.exe utility on the OpsMgr 2007 server and created a "converted" XML management pack.
  8. Used the OpsMgr 2007 console Administration space to import the converted management pack.

Importing the converted MP was a success and created a "Microsoft Forefront Client Security" folder in the OpsMgr 2007 console Monitoring space that included Alerts, State, and Task Status views. Within minutes the State view was correctly populated with the five target computers managed by OpsMgr 2007 where the FCS Client had been installed. While using OpsMgr 2007 to monitor FCS Clients provides only limited functionality compared to the original MOM 2005-based FCS solution now in beta, we were impressed with the error-free performance of the conversion and importing utilities and features.

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One Response to Converting MOM 2005 MPs for OpsMgr 2007 (contributed by John Joyner)

  1. Graham says:

    This process of converting the original MP was easy and stright forward. All that was needed was to Export the Forefront Client Management Pack from the MOM2005 administrator console… Job done.Excellent.Graham Hosking

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