12 cool things we have learned about OpsMgr 2007

Actually, we’re still trying to decide how to refer to Microsoft’s latest version of Operations Manager. We’ve heard SCOM, OM2007, System Center Operations Manager 2007 … we’ve decided to use OpsMgr and Operations Manager 2007. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s take a look at some of the cool things we’ve discovered about OpsMgr.
We originally planned to discuss the "Top 10", but there are more than ten things we want to mention!
  1. Health does not have to roll-up to the state of a computer! So just because something on the computer is red that doesn’t mean the whole computer is red (depending on the Health Model, of course).
  2. Multiple user accounts can be used by the same agent to run different functions on the same machine – versus the monolithic agent Action account – by using the Run as Execution feature. This way you can have different credentials running SQL tasks and Exchange tasks on the same box.
  3. You can create user roles to have granular control of access to view objects and perform tasks.
  4. Run Setup from the splash screen – as it detects x32/x64 and enables logging during the installation.
  5. No more DTS to move data from the Operations database to the Reporting database! Data is sent to the Reporting database directly from the management server.
  6. New role of the Root Management Server which can be clustered for high availability.
  7. Self-tuning thresholds are available which can learn what are appropriate thresholds for specific counters.
  8. Management packs can be deleted. (Yeah!)
  9. Easy functionality available to monitor items such as TCP port checks on "black-box" systems.
  10. Data in the reporting database is not based on raw data but rather uses aggregated data.
  11. Maintenance mode can be used to put a component into maintenance rather than the entire computer.
  12. The Exchange 2007 MP will include rules for the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer. 
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