Installing OpsMgr 2007 RC2

If you are on the beta test list for SCOM 2007, you got an early Christmas present – the RC2 bits! There were two ways to install RC2 – by removing the previous RC1 installation or starting with a clean server. If you plan to install by first removing RC1, Microsoft provides instructions in RC1_Uninstall_Steps.doc, included with the RC2 documentation. We found several areas of this document that could use some clarity, provided here:
Section – Component Uninstall order in a Distributed environment.
There needs to be an additional step at the end of this list, to Remove OpsMgr specific login ids from the SQL Server master database. These ids are NOT removed when the Operational Database is uninstalled.
The Detailed Uninstall Procedure would be (at the end of step 8):
Users should then navigate to Security, open Logins, and delete any SQL Logins that were specific to the previous Operations Manager installation.
Additionally, the registry entry provided in the Uninstalling .Net Framework 3.0 RC2 instructions is incorrect. The end of the registry path is specified as Setup InstallSuccess. The path is actually Setup\InstallSuccess
After removing the installation, the Release Candidate installed cleanly, including Reporting and ACS.
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