Computer Group problem with Windows OS Desktop MP

If you have installed the Windows Base OS Desktop MP, you may have noticed some interesting results … like your Windows 2003 systems are being monitored using the rules from the Desktop MP. This is because the Microsoft Windows XP Computers Group has a formula that identifies any OS greater than version 5.1 as Windows XP.
The problem with this formula is while the version for Windows XP is 5.1.2600, Windows 2003 is version 5.2.3790 (the third set of digits is the build number); so rules from the Desktop MP will target Windows 2003 servers!
To add to the fun, Windows XP Professional x64 edition is also version 5.2.3790, and we do want to target those systems.
Let’s look at a way to modify the formula. The formula for the Computer Group delivered with the management pack is:
AttributeValue(Microsoft Windows Current Version)>=”5.1”
To change it to ignore Windows 2003 Server, you could modify the formula to:
(AttributeValue(Microsoft Windows Current Version)>=”5.1” AND AttributeValue(Microsoft Windows Current Version)<”5.2”) 
Unfortunately, this modification will not pick up 64-bit versions of Windows XP, which would have to be manually added to the computer group. It will also exclude Windows Vista systems.
This computer group rule is in version 05.0.3000.000 of the management pack.
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