In a Nutshell: 10 Compelling Reasons to use MOM

    1. You do not have time to check the event logs on your mission critical servers at least once a day.
    2. You don’t know what your servers are doing at any particular point in time. This includes stuff like how many users are accessing a web server, how utilized your servers are, and how much free disk space you have.
    3. If you’ve seen the movie "Groundhog Day", it feels like that. You solve the same problems over and over again. Every day, and in exactly the same way. Except unlike the movie, here you can really die.
    4. You do not have sufficient internal expertise to solve the problems that come up, as they come up.
    5. You don’t find out there are problems until users call you. While this does get your attention, it probably means you’re already in hot water. And those phone calls can be annoying.
    6. You run out of resources like disk space and wish you had known in advance so you could perform upgrades or load balance files across your servers.
    7. When (not if) a virus outbreak hits, it takes hours to figure out what service packs and hotfixes are applied to each server. And then its usually not good news … and you probably haven’ t tested them yet.
    8. When Management asks your for a report on your systems, which usually is to justify YOUR purchase requests, it takes days or weeks to get the information for them in a form they will accept.
    9. You have much better things to do than watch servers all day. Or all night. Or during vacation (what’s that?)
    10. You find out during the hard way during your performance review that your job and compensation depend on server and application reliability and performance.

If any of these areas resonate with you, you should investigate MOM! While there is humor here, these pain points are common to almost all users of Microsoft technologies … and MOM can eliminate all of them to a great degree. Read about how to use MOM to monitor your enterprise and solve your operations mangagement challenges in our forthcoming book, listed on Amazon at

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